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Why Outsource?

How did outsourcing become so famous? It was 1981 when the term “outsourcing” first came to use and it came from American Glossary, which means ‘outside resourcing’. A more simple definition of outsourcing is: someone doing different tasks for you; and the reason for outsourcing is: not spending the time on, let’s just say, bookkeeping, sales, researching, taxes, legal issues, etc., and focusing on something more important. Another definition of outsourcing is to get someone to do your job for a certain amount of money.

Why is outsourcing a solution for lots of companies, small businesses, and projects? Certainly, one of the reasons is financial benefits, often one can get the same job done in a different country for less money than in their home country, but when it comes to the quality, does it have the same quality or not is a risk that we take with outsourcing.

Outsourcing benefits

Cost savings is one of the reasons why outsourcing happened at the first place. Outsourcing is an additional assistance for small and big companies wanting to grow its business with fewer expenses by outsourcing for research, marketing and customer service. It helps reducing the cost structure and operating costs.