Medical Transcription Services

Get access to 99% accuracy, 24 hours turnaround time, and highly competitive pricing by choosing Globalink Outsourcing as your medical transcription partner

Are you a hospital or a multi-specialty clinic struggling to handle your transcription volume and submit reports into your system? Are you falling short of resources who can fax the reports on your behalf to the referring doctors? Then, the best step for your organization is to outsource medical transcription services an experienced service provider.

Globalink Outsourcing provides Medical Transcription Services to hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, physician practices, and healthcare institutions. Our global delivery centers located across India, Philippines, South America, and Kenya can process high volume healthcare transcription requirements with great speed and accuracy. Globalink Outsourcing assures you over 99% accuracy, less than 24-hour TAT, and competitive pricing.

Medical Transcription Services We Offer

Ø  Ophthalmology Transcription

Ø  Discharge Summary Transcription

Ø  Emergency Room Transcription

Ø  HL7 Transcription

Ø  Neurology Transcription

Ø  Psychiatry Transcription

Ø  Operative Reports Transcription Services

Ø  Pathology Transcription

Ø  Radiology Transcription


Ø  ENT Transcription Services

Ø  Medical Report Transcription Services

Ø  Cardiology Transcription Services

Ø  EMR Transcription Services

Ø  Deaf Transcription Services

Ø  Hospital Transcription Services

Ø  Oncology Transcription Services

Ø  Orthopedics Transcription Services

Ø  Dermatology Transcription Services

Ø  Anesthesiology Transcription Services


Other Specialties We Cater to

Ø  Acupuncture

Ø  Allergy / Immunology

Ø  Andrology

Ø  Ambulance

Ø  Audiology

Ø  Bariatrics Transcription

Ø  Chiropractic

Ø  Clinical Summary

Ø  Clinical Chemistry

Ø  Clinical Virology

Ø  Dentistry

Ø  Endocrinology Transcription

Ø  Environmental Medicine

Ø  Epidemiology

Ø  Family Medicine

Ø  Forensic Medicine

Ø  Gastroenterology Transcription

Ø  Genetics

Ø  Geriatrics

Ø  Gynecology Transcription

Ø  Hematology

Ø  History and Physical reports

Ø  IME / Peer Reviews

Ø  Infectious Disease

Ø  Internal Medicine

Ø  Medical Documentation

Ø  Medical Records Summary

Ø  Neonatology

Ø  Nephrology Transcription

Ø  Nuclear Medicine

Ø  Occupational Therapy

Ø  Obstetrics

Ø  Occupational Medicine

Ø  Optometry

Ø  Osteopathy

Ø  Otolaryngology

Ø  Pain Management

Ø  Patient Charts Transcription

Ø  Pediatric Neurology

Ø  Pediatric/Geriatric reports

Ø  Physiotherapy

Ø  Plastic Surgery

Ø  Preventive Medicine

Ø  Progress Notes

Ø  Pulmonology Transcription

Ø  Radiation Oncology

Ø  Rehabilitation Reports

Ø  Reproductive Medicine

Ø  Rheumatology

Ø  SOAP notes

Ø  Speech Therapy

Ø  Sports Medicine

Ø  Surgery Transcription

Ø  Urgent Care

Ø  Urology Transcription

Ø  Vascular Medicine