Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software Development


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software is one of the most popular healthcare automation solutions offered by Globalink Outsourcing. Our EMR system can help you provide better patient care with the latest clinical productivity tools. With consistent procedures, logical workflows and specialty-specific templates, our EMR system can help you automate all the aspects of your patient documentation process.

The EMR software solution that we offer can be joined to your practice management software and medical billing software to provide you with a fully-integrated healthcare solution.

What are the features and functionalities of Globalink Outsourcing's EMR software?

Office workflow management: This feature can help you manage your patient's flow from check-in to check-out.

Coding assistance: This feature uses CMS guidelines to evaluate medical notes and suggest the appropriate E & M code for each encounter.

Chart notes: These specialty-specific templates can help you simplify the patient examination, evaluation and documentation process.

Prescription assistant: Features such as templates, cross-checks and pharmaceutical databases ensure fast and accurate medication prescribing.

Document managing and imaging: This feature helps users scan, index, archive or distribute patient documents. Users can also email/fax documents through an interface to third-party systems.

HL7 interfaces: Our EMR system adheres to industry-approved HL7 (Health Level Seven) ANSI standards.

Customized EMR Software

Ø  General Surgery

Ø  Endocrinology

Ø  Gastroenterology

Ø  Cardiology

Ø  Neurology

Ø  Family Practice

Ø  Internal Medicine

Ø  Pain Management

Ø  Dermatology

Ø  Pulmonology

Ø  ENT/Otolaryngology

Ø  Ophthalmology

Ø  Orthopaedics or Orthopedic

Ø  Pediatrics or Paediatrics

Ø  Urology

Ø  Podiatry

Ø  Urgent Care


Ø  Psychiatry

Major Modules of Our EMR System

Following are the major modules

Ø  Clinical Charting

Ø  Document Manager

Ø  Appointment Scheduler

Ø  Medical Billing Software

Ø  EMR HIPAA Compliance



Ø  Progress Notes

Ø  Pre-authorization and Dosage

Ø  Advanced Tools

Ø  Prescription Writer

Ø  Encounter Management (SOAP)


Ø  Patient Demographics

Ø  Integrations

Ø  Lab Order Tracking

Ø  Comprehensive Reports