Are the rising number of communication channels taking a toll on your contact center and making it difficult to sustain strong customer relationships and provide great client satisfaction? Are you facing trouble to scale-up your call center operations and the cost to do so is hitting you hard? Then, it's the right time to move towards a cloud-based contact center. Setting-up a cloud-based call center for your business will help you overcome these challenges with ease.

Globalink Outsource(GO) can help your organization with a smooth transition to a cloud call center within a quick time. Our team has the required experience to help you set-up an end-to-end call center on the cloud which will make it easier for you to access emails, social media interactions, voice calls, etc. from anywhere and at anytime.

Cloud Contact Center Services We Offer

Having been in the call center industry for almost two decades and constantly embracing newer technologies, GO has the required bandwidth to cater to the varying needs of the client. Some of the ley cloud call center services we offer include:

·Cloud-based Inbound Call Center Services

Moving your existing inbound contact center to the cloud has its own benefits. Our team of contact center experts can help you migrate your inbound call center services to the cloud with ease.

·Cloud-based Outbound Call Center Services

Our team of call center experts can migrate your entire outbound call center services including appointment setting, lead generation, disaster recovery, etc. to the cloud within a quick time.

· Cloud-based Telemarketing Services

We can help you with high-quality cloud-based telemarketing services including lead management, debt collection, database selling, product promotion, etc.

· Cloud-based Super Agent Services

By outsourcing cloud-based super-agent services to us, you can rest assured that your clients will receive extremely secure and error-free information.

· Cloud-based Customer Support

We have the required infrastructure, resources, and skills to provide clients with cloud-based customer support services including technical support, remote IT support, toll-free customer support, live chat support, social media support, etc.

· BPaaS

With the help of our BPaaS services, you can easily adjust the resources to meet the constantly changing demands of the client with greater flexibility. Our services also help clients with an improved collaboration of people, processes, and technologies.

· Mapping

Our team can help you set up an automated speech recognition and a highly intuitive text-to-speech system which will direct the users in the right direction without involving an operator. We can help you deploy adaptive call routing and a highly scalable queue capacity which will be capable of handling any call volume. Effective call mapping will reduce the time per call and enhance customer experience.

· Predictive Dialing

We can help you with a system which will prioritize the call assignment based on the agent's expertise while keeping in mind the regulatory compliances and attributes. The call center campaigns can be accelerated using a predictive dialer and the method of engagement can be customized by using our cloud-based contact center solution.

· HR Management

Our team has the required skills to use predictive analysis and build an algorithm which will easily route the calls to the available contact center agent. As this process occurs on a real-time basis, you will be able to get the exact head-count of the available agents. Our systems can also help in analyzing and measuring the efficiency of each agent and handle tasks of varying complexities.

· Analytics Reporting

We provide our clients with highly customized analytics reporting services for their cloud-based call center. These reports can be used by the management to supervise agents and the customers. The reports will comprise the on channel client journeys which can be easily tracked and leveraged to make the processes better in the future. With these reports, you can keep a track of total calls, calls abandoned, queue order of calls, call time, idle time, agent login time, etc.

Why do you need Cloud-based Contact Centers?

As more and more companies are moving towards a cloud-based call center, it is important to understand why this is preferred over the regular call center. Some of the key reasons for choosing cloud-based contact centers are listed here -

  • Supports several customer interaction channels in one place
  • Can be easily scaled up or scaled down as per the needs of your enterprise
  • Centralized control will help in running a contact center from multiple locations remotely
  • New interaction channels and functionalities can be added at any time
  • Offers high flexibility to accommodate current and future needs